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Joerg Geier's advisory work and training programs are focused on enacting and activating positive environmental and social change. He explores operating modes as a systems thinker with the intent to shift the status quo on what sustainability is - and can be - and help develop pathways towards alternative future scenarios. 


The basis of his consulting approach is a sound analysis of the challenge at hand and research to get a grip on related opportunities. Having learned to look at an issue from multiple angles, Joerg's specialty is multi- and inter-disciplinarity.

An exemplary consulting project consisted of an analysis of a sustainable start-up ecosystem of one of the German states ("Länder"). This required an understanding of existing players and stakeholders. Relevant studies and best practice cases in other countries served as a reference. A set of recommendations focused on how to move forward with the development of a viable start-up ecosystem, building on and integrating with local industry, academia, the state and sources of funding.

A workshop elaborated on the key findings and allowed for clarification of questions.


Strategic advice expands on prior analysis and explores logical actions steps towards an execution of the findings. A final report, an operationalization plan and, if required, assistance with implementation are the strategic building blocks.


Leadeship Training

Joerg's goal is to engage, empower and enable groups and have them think and act differently about their own role and their organizations future.

Joerg creates engaging experiences and opportunities for people to rethink their approach and work towards an alternative one. He develops and facilitates individual and group leadership programs and workshops in line with his vision to change and nurture a growth mindset and contribute to a transformation of our unsustainable systems based on environmental and social innovations.

He applies his insights gained as director of executive education (customized and international programs) at Cambridge University's Judge Business School. He is able to draw on partners supporting his leadership approach.

The outline of an example course on "Living in a Global Risk Society - Chancen & Threads" includes but is not limited to the following elements:

  • Future Scenarios: Examples (Presentation and Discussion)

  • Global Sustainability Assessment: Risks (Presentation and Discussion)

  • Global Financial Risks and Resilience (Presentation and Discussion)

  • Design Thinking (Workshop)

  • Developing New Preferred Future Scenarios (Workshop)

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